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Duralb Works and services

We have adequate human and material resources to carry out contract jobs to your utmost satisfaction and we assure you of our competence to deliver satisfactory results.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Based on our experience in this, we are involved in the manufacturing supply and installation of pristine assortment of sewage treatment plants. We offer a range of products including Aerobic Treatment Plant/ Extended Aerobic Plant, Mobile Sewage Treatment Plants / Fluidized Bed Reactors, Sewage Treatment Plants for Hospital and Hotels. Our plants are manufactured under the able guidance of our experts according to industry norms and standards.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Equipment

With thorough knowledge of the industry, we supply waste water treatment plant equipment including Surface Aerotors, Floating Aerotors, Diffused Aerotors Systems, Sludge Filter Press, Oil Skimmers / Removal Systems and many more..

Water Treatment Plant Equipment

Our equipment for Water Treatment Plants and pristine and comply with industry standard. This range includes chlorine Dosing Systems, Reverse Osmosis System, Hard Water Electrostatic Scale Control System, Auto Regeneration Softening Systems, Ultra Violet Disinfection Systems.

Water Treatment Plant Services

Our personnel have vast experience in various water treatment plant services. With a range of services including construction of Treatment Plants, Erection (installation & commissioning of treatment plants and water storage facilities made from an assorted away of materials from steel to concrete.

Borehole Construction And Allied Services

We have the equipment and personnel to drill to completion various specifications of boreholes within the sedimentary basins and crystalline basement complex of Nigeria. Our drilling activities are always preceded by thorough study of the ground water potentials of the sub-surface through detailed geophysical investigations. Our boreholes are constructed to specification using materials ranging from PVC casing and screens through A.P.I or A.S.T.M steel casing and screens and stainless steel casing to stainless steel screens.

Installation of Generating Plant

Some industries and communities use borehole as a prime source of water, such industries or communities should also have a standby power generating plant in case of power failure. We advise on the capacity and screens to be used and supply and install such.





  • Design & Construction of Boreholes/ Water Wells
  • Construction of Tanks
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Water Treatment Equi.
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Installation of Generating
  • Material Resource

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