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DURALB Specializes in Nine Primary Market Disciplines:


Building Construction
We provide world class services backed by experience, skill and technology to deliver building construction works of any complexity on any terrain. We have the capacity to deploy equipment and men to any location within the country.

Road and Drainage System Construction
We have worked in road constructions in the creeks of Niger Delta, through the rain forests belts, the savannah regions and northern flat lands. We have delivered on rural road constructions and urban road developments.

Marine Construction
Our partnership with other industrial ventures gives us good experience in marine infrastructure services and maintenance. We have worked as sub-contractors and specialist on International Oil Companies (IOCs) off-shore projects.

Pipeline Construction
As sub-contractors, we have delivered in pipeline route mapping, soil resistivity test, design and consultancy in projects across the Niger Delta. We also design and construct pipeline aerial trusses as economical and multi-purpose alternative to directional drilling.

Water Treatment/ Distribution System Design and Construction
Industries, communities, government agencies and individuals have enjoyed our services in water bore-hole drilling, treatment plant set-up and distribution network. We have drilled on every major formation in the country and have array of survey and drilling equipment.

Sewage Treatment/ Collection System Design and Construction
Sewage treatment plants to handle industrial and domestic wastes, chemical and biological effluents have been designed deployed to various clients to meet their specific requirements - including the Ministry of Defence and Total E & P.

Waste Management Systems Design and Construction
We also specify, design and build waste management systems from pyrolytic incinerators, bio-digesters and others as it suits different waste types and classes.

Storm Water Management
Our services also include storm water flow prediction and management as part of our erosion control services. We can simulate and predict flows for up to 100 years and more using our advanced computer simulation technique and software.

Environmental Reclamation
We offer services in environmental reclamation, irrigation control, spill management, desertification control and wetland integrity management