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We at DURALB WORKS & SERVICES LIMITED recognize the importance of man and environment in duty of social and economic services. We recognize the challenges involved in delivering engineering services at best manageable risk to human and environmental. In order to maintain compliance and continuously improve our performance, the following steps will guide our environmental, health and safety initiatives and actions;

i. Operating our facilities in manner that protects our employees, public health and environment.
ii. Complying with all applicable laws and regulations at every location.
iii. Seeking to conserve water, energy and water resources to reduce waste
iv. Being a good neighbour in the community where we operate.
v. Seeking to continuously improve our environmental and safety performance.

We will meet these commitments by:

i. Setting environmental and safety goals and regularly measuring performance against those goals.
ii. Making operation leaders and staff responsible for safety compliance and performance.
iii. Educating our workforce on environmental and safety responsibilities.
iv. Communicating openly with all stakeholders on environmental and safety issues.
It is therefore our solemn commitment as a company policy to carry out our services in accordance with international best practices as enshrined in relevant laws, regulations and codes, to protect man and conserve the environment for mutual benefit of mankind and nature.